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Course Description

Conservation of Natural Resources describes management of natural resources, balance of nature, and human impact on the environment.


Statement of Goals/Units of Specific Objectives

This course is designed to provide the student with the philosophy of conservation.  Important trends affecting conservation of natural resources will also be considered.  We will also treat resource management within more specialized disciplines such as biology and geology.

Instructional Methodology

  1. Readings from the textbook
  2. Weekly summaries of current conservation issues
  3. Term papers
  4. Questions at the end of each chapter
  5. Field trip



Questions At the End of Each Chapter

You will be expected to read and answer questions at the end of each chapter. The assignments are worth 50% of your grade.



Weekly Summaries

You will need to find 15 current issues on conservation of natural resources and write a two page summary on each. The summaries will be worth 18.7% of your grade. This should be done on a weekly basis.



Term Paper

You will be expected to write a ten page term paper on "Sustainable Agriculture". The term paper will be worth 18.7% of your grade. The following topics should be addressed:

  1. What sustainable agriculture is.
  2. How it's techniques can be implemented to improve agricultural production.
  3. How sustainable agriculture is efficient in the use of natural resources.
  4. The ecological, economical, and social responsibilities of it.



Field Trip

You will be required to have an all day field trip. You will need the approval of teh instructor before you go on the field trip. You should also submit the name, address, and phone number of where you will be going on the field trip. Include pictures taken during the field trip. The field trip will be worth 12.6% of your grade.




Natural Resource Conservation
Author(s)  Chiras and Reganold
Ninth Edition
Publisher:  Interstate


Grading Scale

A = 90 - 100%
B = 80 - 89%
C = 70 - 79%
D = 60 - 69%
F = Below 60%




All students at MECC should abide by the standards of conduct outlined in the MECC Student Handbook. Cheating WILL NOT be tolerated. Anyone caught cheating on an assignment or test will receive a zero for that assignment.



Instructions for Individuals with Disabilities

Students may request academic accommodation for disabilities through the Office of Student Services.  That office will evaluate the request and make recommendations for appropriate and reasonable accommodations, which the student will provide to the instructor.

Individuals requiring temporary handicapped parking accommodations due to short-term illness should also contact Student Services.

All correspondence will be kept confidential.




For Your Information:

All correspondence and assignments should be sent to the email address listed above.

Since NAS106 is an online course, each student is expected to check his or her Mountain Empire email address at least twice weekly. If you are having problems using your Mountain Empire email address, please contact the instructor as soon as possible.

The instructor will use email to keep you updated on your progress throughout the course. If you have completed any kind of assignment and have not heard from the instructor within a reasonable length of time (two work days if the assignment was turned in over the internet or a week if the assignment was turned in through the postal service), then you should contact the instructor to make sure that your assignment was received.