Introduces students to basic math calculations relating to water and wastewater concepts and operations. Prepares students for Waterworks and Wastewater Works Operators certification exam.

Where do I start?

Read over the Course Syllabus.  Then start reading through the Lessons, which walk you through the information.  There is an assignment for every lesson and step by step math calculations are required in your submission for full credit.

To take the course for credit, you must register with Mountain Empire Community College.  Once you feel comfortable with the information, begin the registration process.  (You will still have to fill out the appropriate forms for MECC.)   Please read the entire tutorial and follow the instructions.

After registration for this course, you must complete the initial assignment within one week of entering the class.  If the initial assignment is not completed you will be administratively withdrawn from the course.  You may either complete the assignment online and submit it to the instructor, or print the assignment and mail or fax it to the instructor.  Contact information is given under the Instructor tab.

Purchase your texts:

The textbook for this course is listed in the Syllabus, but it is optional, in case you need extra math examples. You can purchase the text through the MECC Bookstore (located in Goodwin Hall).  You may also purchase your texts online from the bookstore.

Begin Coursework!

Begin with Lesson 1 and read through all the material. Download the assignments and return with all your math calculations. If at ANY time you have ANY questions, please feel free to reach out to me! I don't know you're having issues if you don't tell me. Let's get started!