Slide Preparation for Microbial Examination



Wet Mount

In a wet mount, the speciment is suspended in a drop of liquid (usually water) located between slide and cover glass. The water refractive index of the water improves the image quality and also supports the specimen. In contract to permanently mounted slides, wet mounts can't be stored over extended periods, since the water evaporates.For this reason, a wet mount is sometimes called a temporary mount.

For a wet mount slide preparation, follow these steps:



This allows the observer to view the live microorganisms in their environment. With a live sample, measurements can be taken and cell shape and size can be accurately determined.

Let's watch a video of someone preparing a wet mount slide.




Smear Mount

For a smear mount slide preparation, follow these steps:




When gathering samples it depends on whether you have a bulking or foaming problem as far as determining sample location. For bulking sludge, collect samples from the discharge end of the aeration basin. For foaming sludge, collect a sample of the foam.

Watch a video showing how to prepare a smear mount slide.