Enrollment Process

Process for enrolling in Water/Wastewater Courses:

Student applies for admission to MECC.
Faculty advises student via email or telephone.
Student registers for classes.
MECC Business Office sends student tuition statement.  

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Apply for Admission to MECC

You may apply online for Admission to MECC. You will apply for Financial Aid at the same time you apply for admission.


Ways to pay for Distance Learning courses:



You must have your payment method verified before you can register for classes. If you register before your Financial Aid, Scholarship, Letter of Authorization, or Check is received by Mountain Empire, you will be administratively withdrawn from the course within two weeks of enrollment.


After Payment is Verified it's time to Enroll in Your Courses

You may register online for your courses or come to MECC's campus and enroll in person. To enroll online please go to the following link and follow the instructions. It will walk you through the steps to enroll successfully in your online course. If you are unsure of what you need to take, please contact one of the advisors for the program before registering for classes.

MECC Online Registration


Once You Are Enrolled It's Time to Begin Classes!

Visit http://water.mecc.edu and click on the link under Coursework Related: Water/Wastweater Courses. From this page click on the course in which you are currently enrolled and begin your coursework.


If you have any questions please contact one of the following:

Admissions Office: 276-523-7474

Financial Aid: 276-523-7470

Business Office 276-523-2400

Susan Kennedy (Distance Education Coordinator) 276-523-2400, ext. 488

Mr. Tommy Clements (Dean, Health Science and Industrial Technology) 276-523-2400, ext. 431

Dr. Chuks Ogbonnaya (Head of the Environmental Science Department and Water Program Advisor) 276-523-2400, ext. 276

Rosa-lee Cooke (Water Program Advisor, Instructor and Website Technician) 276-523-2400, ext. 364


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