Examination Reference Materials


In order to assist and provide clarification to candidates, the following information regarding reference material for the Waterworks and Wastewater Works Facility Operator examinations (exams) is provided.

The exams are currently open book which means candidates are permitted to use subject matter related reference materials during the examination administration. Candidates may bring into the examination room only reference textbooks and training manuals related to the profession and formulas included as part of a textbook or training manual. Formulas are provided with the examination booklets.

Candidates may highlight and tab textbooks and training manuals prior to entering the exam room. Highlighting and/or writing in the textbooks and/or training manuals are not allowed once candidates are admitted to the examination room.

Candidates may not bring into the examination room handwritten and/or typed notes, legal pads or notepads of any kind, and loose papers. Notes inserted into training manuals must be removed prior to entering the examination room or they will be confiscated by the proctor.

Notes written into textbooks and training manuals must be erased, scratched through or covered prior to entering the examination room or those references will be confiscated by the proctor. It is the responsibility of each candidate to bring the necessary reference materials to complete the exam. Candidates may not exchange or share reference materials during the examination.

Security is an important element in providing a valid, reliable examination which will assist candidates in securing licensure in their chosen profession while offering assurance to the public of competency in this important industry.